Reunion Neuroscience, a company based in Toronto, recently reported a substantial, $48 million net loss for its fiscal year 2023 that ended March 31. The origin of this deficit spiraled directly from the spinning-out of its temporary ketamine clinics to Field Trip Health & Wellness, which cost a total of $10.4 million. Furthermore, it later wrote off an equity investment of $13.8 million from the clinics and various lease obligations. On an optimistic note, Reunion was recently purchased by MPM BioImpact for a total of $13 million, and is set to go private shortly.

Despite the financial losses, Reunion is making major progress towards developing a psychedelic treatment for postpartum depression: RE-104. The drug gives patients a 3.7-hour-long psychedelic trip, severely similar to an experience generated by psilocybin, yet with no risks of serious side effects. Furthermore, the company is currently partaking in a follow-up clinical trial, which could offer greater insight into the status of the treatment. Unfortunately, Reunion is currently fighting to protect its patent on the drug in court, due to an attempted infringement upon its intellectual property from a direct competitor.

By the end of March, Reunion's bank account dividend diminished to $27.7 million, a severe decrease from the $64 million from the year prior. However, it is likely that the acquisition by MPM BioImpact will provide a substantial boost to the company. Nonetheless, despite a near-term dip in the company's financial health, it is probable that Reunion can improve its wealth levels upon a successful execution of their psychedelic treatment – RE-104.

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Overall, despite the initial financial deficit Reunion Neuroscience reported in its 2023 fiscal year, the company is making tangible progress on potential treatments and products with their RE-104-based psychedelic drugs. With several of its ketamine clinics spun out to other companies, and court proceedings to preserve its exclusive RE-104 patent, Reunion hopes to bring their innovative drug to market. Moreover, thanks to Extractoseum, interested parties can get their hands on a variety of cutting-edge products that may help in studying such treatments. Ultimately, whether this psychedelic treatment will succeed or fail, Reunion's development is an opportunity to capitalize on the recent push towards natural treatment in health and wellness.

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